Wednesday, April 14, 2010

X-Box 360 Elite's Revenge

In September of 2008, my X-Box 360 Elite received an E74 error, prompting me to send it in for a repair while I got myself a new X-Box 360 Arcade unit to play with while waiting for the Elite's return. My original plan was to sell my Elite when I receive it back from Microsoft but then, it occurred to me that it would probably be best to just keep an extra 360 in case I experience another red ring of death failure again. This way, I would always have another 360 to play on while the other is being repaired by Microsoft. Since the domestic Limited Edition release of Deathsmiles is going to include a beautiful black custom faceplate, I have decided to transfer my content licenses back into my Elite so that the faceplate would not look so jarring compared to the rest of the Arcade unit's white exterior.

I'm back and ready to please my master with a face lift soon!

I must say that I have missed seeing my beautiful Elite and it still looks as sexy as ever. Now, my display is sandwiched between two black consoles and this elevates the overall aesthetics of things. The license transfer process took about an hour to complete. Compared to my newer Arcade model, this Elite is slightly noisier. There is this silent hum that constantly fills the room when I have the unit on, that is until the game's audio kicks in. I was surprised that I had to delete and then reinstall the retail discs into the hard drive after the license switch. Apparently, the full disc installation ties the specific discs to the specific console, as specified by an error message I received when I tried playing Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 soon after the license transfer was completed. I know that disc installation is optional but after its introduction, I only play a game on the 360 after its installed on the hard drive because the disc drive is just too noisy. I really do hope that this Elite console will last for a while - maybe forever? - especially the fact that it was repaired during the time when Microsoft was pushing out units at a significantly lower failure rate.

I mostly leave my shmups permanently installed on my HDD.

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