Monday, August 20, 2018

Point to Pathos: Chapter 4, Part 6

     “Please step away from my patient,” the doctor said.
     Borden didn’t look too happy to comply but did it anyway. He stood up and slowly backed away from Amsterdam. He grabbed Android by the arm and pulled it to his side.
     “Sorry doc, the robot doesn’t understand,” he commented.
     “Interesting work, this robot of yours Mr. Conner. How are you feeling?”
     “Thanks doctor… I have a throbbing headache… Why am I here?”
The doctor leaned in closer to check the bandage around Amsterdam’s head. He shifted it around a bit.
     “Any pain outside of the headache?”
     “I am pretty numb otherwise. Can’t feel a thing.”
     “That’s a good thing. You don’t want to be feel any pain right now.”
     “So, what happened?”
     “You were shot in the head. What was the last thing you remember?”
     “Uh… Alien abduction?”
     “Seriously Amsterdam,” said Borden.
     “So, you were experiencing some hallucinations while you were out...” The doctor commented. “Anything before that?”
     “It wasn’t a hallucination. It was… somewhat lucid? I think I was awake while you guys were doing stuff to me. I think I was just not thinking right, you know?”
     “Anything before that?”
     “I’m drawing a blank, doctor… Uh… What was the last thing I did?”
     “You were catching up on your reading-”

Monday, June 4, 2018

Manual Labor

Do you miss the good old days when your physical games came with thick, detailed, potentially colorful instruction manuals? Then you need to go get yourself a copy of Summon Night 6: Lost Borders for the PlayStation 4. You know that I am all for digital download exclusivity and that everyone should fully embrace digital ownership but even I was pleasantly surprised by the instruction manual included here. The case felt heavy so I suspected that there was something else in there alongside the Blu-ray disc but I would never have guessed a colorful 70+ page manual. In the old days, I would normally go through the entirety of a game's instruction manual before playing the game and I do plan on doing that again here. I do hope that this game wasn't designed with in-game tutorials however like most modern games because then it would sour the whole experience due to the redundancy that would cause. At any rate, Gaijinworks must be commended for their efforts with this physical release. Even Nintendo has abandoned the practice of accompanying physical games with instruction manuals and these guys went all the way. Skip the digital download for Summon Night 6 and pick up the physical release now!

This is the proper way to release physical games.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Point to Pathos: Chapter 4, Part 5

     "A fucking vermin!" He screamed. His eyes were angry and bloodshot. His arms were shaking.
     The lasershot was charging.
     Amsterdam saw the flash from the end of the barrel.
     The lasershot was charged.
     "If you are a vermin, then you are a vermin," Amsterdam said. "You don't deserve to live."
     "You... You MOTHER-FUCKAAA--" He pressed the lasershot against Amsterdam's forehead, hard. The barrel sliding around violently in a semi circular motion.
     Amsterdam wasn't ready to die but he was smart enough to understand the eventual. There was no need to resist. There was no escape.
     He could see his assailant's thumb sliding up towards the sensor. He braced for pain. He braced for the impending darkness. Everything moved so fast. He could only think about the things that he was seeing unfolding in front of him.
     Then it came. The laser beam burn through his right temple. There was a brief searing pain but he was still conscious. There was a lot of blood. He could only see red and he could smell burnt flesh.
     "My brains..." He muttered, falling forward and landing on the floor, head first.
     His left hand reached out towards the back of his head. He found a hole and as if by instinct, he forced his pinky finger into the small opening and moved it around for reasons he couldn't explain.
     In a blink of an eye, he found himself lying in the bed of a strange brightly lit room. He could hear voices but they didn't sound human. Alien abduction was the first thing that popped into his head. He wanted to remove all the wires and tubes crudely attached to him off his body but he couldn't move. He could feel no pain but he was certain that he was completely paralyzed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Point to Pathos: Chapter 4, Part 4

     He didn't seem to think that the topic that I had selected for my presentation was unimportant. As a matter of fact, I was surprised that the questions that he had prepared for me were very specific and detailed.
     I understand that the problem had always been me but at the time, I actually felt like someone was listening. Someone was paying attention. Someone was... there. It was a strange and new experience. Not because I was perhaps attracted to him but more so because of the professional milieu. It made everything... official.
     "If the evidence was indeed conclusive, why didn't the Japanese government react swiftly to avoid potential follow up occurrences?" He asked but before I could give him the answer that I had prepared the previous night, he continued, "Should I ask that last since it's a heavy handed question?"
     I got a little nervous. I really didn't care about the question because it didn't matter but obviously it must have mattered to him? And I cared about that. Is there a right answer to the question? I still wonder about that to this day. The honest answer was obvious but surely it wasn't the proper response.
     "You're right, you should ask that question last," I said.
     "You got it, sir."
     Ever since we got paired up in class, he kept addressing me as "sir" and I was too afraid to correct him. And it wasn't because I was feeling uncomfortable. Oh no, it was much, much worse than that.
     It was because I felt like I was in control. A superior... to him?
    Deep down however I knew. Wouldn't it be too difficult for Brad to pronounce the name Asea├»gh over and over and over again. No, there was no way that I would have known that at the time. I was too committed to something very promising.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Surviving Posters

As I have mentioned recently in a previous post, a majority of the posters taped to wall of my previous home didn't make the move. I ended up dumping them all out last week. The remaining usable ones have finally been posted up on my new Game Room. Even though a couple of the Skylanders roster posters are mangled beyond belief, I did end up keeping them because of all the stickers I have on them but these are rolled up and stored away. The new Game Room walls looked really bare before I have these posters up. I know there are only a few of them no but at least finally, it feels a little bit more like home again.

It's important to have the Skyrim map handy.

The crew of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II are always with me.

2013 seems like an eternity ago.