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Saturday, March 17, 2018

GameCube: Skin or Not?

While unpacking today, yes - when you have too much gaming stuff, it takes a very long time to sort through them, I found a GameCube custom skin that I received for reserving a copy of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness a long, long time ago. At this point in my life, is there a reason for me to hold on to this skin and keep it in its confinement anymore? I may risk misplacing the skin in the future as well because to be honest, I have totally forgotten that I even have this in my collection. Then again, is it really necessary for me to ruin the classic Nintendo GameCube look? What a delicious dilemma.

It's not the prettiest of skins but I am sure Pokémon fans would eat this up.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sky High Skylanders

And I thought moving all my game cases to a new house and then organizing them was a pain in the buttocks, well, it's worse for these little Skylanders figurines. When space is a real issue, what's a gamer to do? All of my figurines were readily accessible in the past and were all out in the open. Whenever I booted up one of those Skylanders games, I could just easily grab one these suckers to be summoned on the portal of power in mere seconds. Now, well, it looks like playing these games will be reserved for special occasions. I have decided to leave the game cases in their respective starter packs and the Imaginators figurines will remain encased as well. As for the rest of my little friends that are not out on display, they have been put neatly away in a couple of those stackable activity chests.

I miss you guys! Can you name all the Skylanders?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Poster Posterity

Video game posters, how beautiful they are when they grace your wall. When you thought that you would be living in the same place for the rest of your short life, you then used permanent double sided tapes to stick them in place. Oh Loner Gamer, how could you be so careless. Yes, of course you should always expect that some things will not survive the trip when you are moving to a new place, especially when you have to store them for a little while before they arrive at their new home but the destruction incurred on my posters is certainly avoidable. A majority of my gaming posters, I am sure you have seen them lit up the space of the previous Game Room in the many pictures I have shown in the past, are now in tatters. Some of these posters can still be saved however by just cutting away the bad sections but their overall impact will never be the same. My advise? If you don't feel like your posters are disposable, always hang them in a large frame. It may be costly but it's the best way to keep them safe and sound for years to come.

I really love that Skylanders: Superchargers poster so it hurts a lot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Closet Case

I forgot to post a picture of the closet in my Game Room 3.0 - Yes, it's way smaller than the walk-in closet a.k.a. Game Treasure of the past, which was capable of housing more than half of my physical gaming items I have in my possession. I crammed two dressers into the closet to maximize space and used the shelf at the top portion to stack up some of my original X-Box games on top of whatever I could fit in. I am not too happy that I ended up blocking easy access to those games but I don't use my original X-Box console that often anyway. It's all a matter of putting everything away for now. I can always make the necessary adjustments in the future.

I don't even have the desire to take these Skylanders out of their boxes at this time.

There are X-Box games behind the Maracas Controller and Sega Genesis cases.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Twitch Aha Moment

Running an unsuccessful Twitch channel is like defecating in space: you are pushing something out that comes from deep inside of you and that extracted object will never be encountered by any intelligent living being. In other word, it's like doing something just because you have to and it's neither desirable nor significant. I fully understand that now after this thing that happened last evening while streaming the Personal Computer version of Final Fantasy XIII-2, a game that I planned on completing next after I finally reached the actual ending of Final Fantasy XIII on my own just the other day.

So, I was streaming for about 2 hours and half-way into the session, a regular stopped by the channel and typed a comment in the chat in which I replied to. Then the chat just went silent but that's typical and I kept on going. Soon, technical complications with the Twitch iOS app resulted in the game crashing because I had to Alt-Tab out of the game and it didn't like that very much. I switched my stream capture to my intermission screen to reboot the game and then went back into playing the game for another hour before finally, the person earlier made a mention about the screen. So yeah, my channel was showing only the intermission screen for one full hour. When I realized that, I felt disheartened and shortly after, ended the stream.

The bottom line here is that when no one is watching, no one is watching. It also doesn't seem like there is really anyone out there who really actually watch my live gameplay even if they are in the channel. I could just blame this whole thing on the Twitch iOS app malfunctioning at the time because I depended on it to be my method of monitoring the video feed as well as the channel's chat activities or lack thereof. But I'm better than that. It's me. I just don't have that magic - whatever that may be - that keep people glued to the screen and pay attention. Admitting to that fact actually feels liberating. I have been live-streaming on Twitch for galaxy knows how long and I have got nothing to show for it and that's alright. But I'm done. No more Twitch for me. This decision comes with a perk actually. I don't have to get into that social mood before I play anything anymore and suddenly, I don't feel so restrained in terms of picking up the titles that I want to enjoy in the comfort of my own time and space. Life is too short to worry about entertaining other people. It's time for me to focus on entertaining myself.

Imagine an animated version of this on your screen for one full hour. Fun, right?