Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Point to Pathos: Chapter 4, Part 3

     Clickety-clack. They used to call him clickety-clack. Clac really hated being called that.
     "No, it doesn't end with rk, it ends with a c," he explained to Molly on their first date. "But it's pronounced similarly."
     "You're kidding, it's spelled c-l-a-c?" She asked.
     "That's uh..." She started blushing. "I always thought that maybe you were one of those people who couldn't pronounce r you know... But that's actually kinda hot."
     He smiled and he leaned over to kiss her. They were lying on the grass in his family backyard under the cover of a starless night. It was rather dark and he stumbled a bit trying to find her lips, sliding his against both her right eye and nose before landing on the proper destination. She was giggling the whole time.
     "You think your parents are watching us?" She asked.
     "I doubt it. Well, maybe my mom."
     "Oh yuck!"
     "I'm just kidding. I think they left soon after you arrived."
     "How do you know that?"
     "You see that room on the second floor to our left?" He said, motioning his head backwards.
     "I can barely see it. It's really dark out here."
     "Exactly. They would never turn the light off in that room this early in the evening unless they are not in the house."
     "So... We have the place to ourselves."
     "How convenient," she concurred.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Review: HTC Vive

I received my HTC Vive last Wednesday and as a person who had never experienced virtual reality before, I was both thrilled and nervous to try it out for the first time ever. I am one of those people who are very prone to motion sickness when playing first person shooters with horribly low field of vision - I always have to set it to 100+ to not get sick - so I didn't know how my body would react to being placed in a VR environment.

First things first however, I had to set it up to work with my Game Room, which has enough free space to accommodate room-scale VR. Getting the sensors up on two opposite corners of the playing space was very much a chore, plus it was a rather messy process. If you don't have tall cabinets lining up two opposite corners of your room, it's not going to be that easy. This process is made worse because proper drywall anchors were not provided in the box so you have to get them on your own. Instead of needing to have them plugged directly into a power supply, I wished they had rechargeable battery packs instead so that one could easily pull those out and recharge them somewhere else between uses. Hooking up the head-mounted display to the PC required plenty of wires as well, plus needing access to another electrical outlet but the link box that connects your PC to the HMD is so small and cute and you can easily set it in a forgotten space between things and out of your way.

The fusion of man and VR.

Once everything was set however, what came next was nothing short of mind-blowing. And no, I didn't get motion sickness at all*. I was literally stunned by the SteamVR tutorial. The virtual space looked real. Like convincingly real. Sometimes not as sharp but it felt like I was there. Without experiencing it for oneself, it's impossible to show how effective the VR experience provided by the Vive is but I believe the best way to describe it is that everything has depth and you can tell the relative distance of everything, whether those objects are moving or static. It's like you are really there and this illusion is further strengthened by the Vive's currently exclusive room-scale VR where you can walk around in VR space instead of merely standing or sitting in the middle of it. The HMD literally transported me to another place by replacing the view of my Game Room with a completely different, fully realized surrounding.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

From Kaos to Absolute Chaos

Two weeks ago, I got the adorable Kaos figurine. That was supposed to be the last of it. What can I say, I was weak. Skylanders Imaginators for the PlayStation 4 is now a part of my collection. As if that was not enough, I also obtained additional sensei Skylanders and.creation crystals for the game. Amazon's recent Black Friday event is partly to blame for this. Knowing how devastating collecting new Skylanders can be, I will take things a lot slower this time around. But yes, I was weak indeed. Master Eon help me.

These new figurines are so vivid and detailed. I love them!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Causing Kaos in the Game Room

I am doing my best to try to avoid getting into Skylanders: Imaginators that was released on multiple platforms recently. This is because of two things: A) I prefer the Vicarious Visions versions of the franchise versus instead of those made by Toys for Bob, and B) Committing to any Skylanders game may easily lead to financial ruins. Unfortunately for me, I stumbled into... the Kaos figurine. I couldn't belileve it. Kaos. Sure, you can trap the poor guy in Trap Team but this is the fully realized physical representation of Kaos. I couldn't stop myself. I just had to get him, I couldn't say no, and he's quite beautiful.

A Kaos figurine. Toys for Bob is evil.

I am very impressed that the new figurines come in their own special, very collectible boxes. Though I do keep the cardboard backing from previous Skylanders figurines, I don't keep their plastic encasing. This new way of presenting these Skylanders to us is both fascinating - the box truly look spectacular - and horrifying - it's going to be very difficult to find space to place all these boxes if this is going to be the new packaging standard for the series. My plan here is to only just have the Kaos figurine from Imaginators so that I can use him when the next Skylanders installment from Vicarious Visions come out. We will see if I am able to stay strong in that conviction.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I no longer know
who comes in, who goes out,
who's inside, who's away,
this house was my home,
now it is just a shelter,
a run-down shack, my arms and legs
I have never fucked a woman
yet there are now babies,
I didn't fuck my husband over
so why would he do that to me?
In my small room of fantasies,
of cartridges, discs, their cases,
I wonder if it all comes down to this,
with happy memories packaged,
can I merely survive on bliss?
I don't recognize anymore
the placement of knickknacks and things,
there are now strange new odors
of other human beings.
What works, what doesn't,
doesn't seem to matter,
it only matters to me,
and I don't matter.
I have learned only someone I love
has the ability to hurt me,
now I question if it's suppose to
hurt this much.
For richer or poorer,
in sickness and in health,
I remember repeating those lines,
I have spent my life
going up and down sets of stairs,
running across these hallways
to get to where you are,
now I lie dormant,
stuck inside my head,
I fortify this room,
I decorate my tomb.

Loner Gamer Alex
November 12th, 2016