Thursday, April 1, 2010

Linux Gone, Trophies In!

Linux users may not be happy with Sony's decision to remove Linux support on the older version of the PlayStation 3 console via today's firmware update (v3.21) but at least Sony is gracious enough to add a secret content within that firmware. In case you still don't know it - which only means that you hardly ever go there - PSN Home now contains trophies to unlock, which include as many as 5 easy Platinums. You got that right - five! Heck, just visiting your own personal space for the first time after the update will provide you with a Gold trophy! Many trophy whores will enjoy the challenges provided by Sony to unlock these and they include ridiculous things like:

a) dancing for 1 minute at every Home space.
b) visiting a friend's apartment.
c) standing still for 5 minutes.
d) watching previews from the theatre.
e) adding others to your friend's list.
f) decorating your personal space.
...and many more!

It's no longer the official Achievement/Trophy Whore Month but let the whoring commence!

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