Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Steamy Gift

I was pleasantly surprised to see a gift notification when I logged on to Steam tonight. I don't have any close friends there and I hardly know the people that I play with so a chance for this to occur should have been an impossibility. The funny thing about this is that I was actually planning to buy Madballs in... Babo: Invasion later tonight - I played the demo yesterday and I enjoyed the game. It's a third person shooter where you control strange looking round balls. Perhaps this guy/girl saw that I played the game on my stats? I would have to find out the reason behind the gift soon.

Now that was truly unexpected.


Artificial Wisdom said...

Find out recently who gave you the gift?

Loner Gamer said...

Yes, just a person who just happen to be on my Steam friend's list. I have never played with this person before, must have been a random add. When I sent a message to thank the person for getting me the game, the only explanation that I got back from him/her was that he/she bought the "Four Pack" - which translates to 4 digital copies of the game - so he/she had extra licenses to spare. Maybe the person bought the Four Pack by accident but I wasn't going to push the subject since it was a nice thing for someone to do. I would just have to play with this person online in the future to know more about him/her.