Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lamest Reason Not to Play PC Games

It's the year 2010 and I still hear people tell me that they don't play video games on the personal computer because after a long day at work - which normally entails slaving away in front of a PC - the last thing they want to do is to sit in front of a PC. They want to just lounge in the living room and play consoles games on the big screen. When I heard this being explained to me again today during a friendly chat, I think I lost a little bit of faith in humanity. As I have explained it to my buddy, the PC can easily be hooked up to those beautiful big screen HDTVs and if you purchased one over the last five years, almost all of them are equipped with a PC input. To make things easier, modern graphics cards now have DVI/HDMI outputs so it's really okay to have the PC hooked up in that living room for gaming purposes. I myself have my gaming PC hooked up to my LCD and I like it so much that I pretty much use my big screen to do other things as well like browsing the Internet, writing, et cetera. I am sure that the next excuse would be the keyboard and mouse - they act as superior controllers and if one really hates them so much, one could always use a game controller on PC games these days. I think the next time I hear someone associate PC gaming with sitting in front of a small screen on a crowded desk (in which it could be) and use that as an excuse not to game on the PC, I am going to give that person a slap in the face.

A) Titan Quest - a PC game, yes - running at 1920 x 1080.
B) That game came from this PC, connected to the LCD via an HDMI cable.
C) No, you didn't get propelled accidentally by a space-time rift into the year 3000.


Delljericho said...

Haha still can´t believe they say these stupid things. Slap em all :p

Ckhi Kuzad said...

Slap em hard