Monday, April 12, 2010

A Sleepless Gaming Session Celebration

Since Wednesday of last week, things have been very stressful in my professional life. I had to complete a rather demanding project that took a lot of my time and energy. I think it was even able to bite off a good chunk of my soul. I was able to finally complete the task today and to celebrate the occasion, I have decided to so a strange gaming experiment tonight, just for fun! I am going to see if I could force myself to play games continuously until the wee hours of the morning tomorrow - I am thinking maybe 4:00am or 5:00am before I go to sleep. The challenge here is that the sleepless gaming event is not incurred naturally: I only tend to play games that long into the night without me noticing the time. This doesn't mean however than I am going to play the game(s) continuously without stopping. I am keeping things safe and I am going to allow myself a quick break every now and then as long as they don't involve sleeping. I will post up the result of this experiment tomorrow!

What really got me going with this though was a Culdcept Saga play session that I had with a friend online. We played the game until midnight last night but we only did a couple of quick matches tonight. If I had the option, I would just love to continue playing Culdcept Saga all night long - it feels so good to play the game again after being away from it for such a long time - but I don't have anyone else on my friend's list that I could really play the game with at this moment. I was so desperate to find someone to play with that I actually went to CuldceptCentral to look for players despite my previous experience with the elitism of its community members. But then I saw this:

This, of course, took away any remaining glimmer of hope I had about giving the site a second chance. Oh well, maybe I'll spend the time playing Dirt 2 and Tropico 3 that I just got. If I could get them finally installed that is - the 10+ GB file for Dirt 2 got corrupted when it finished downloading to my hard drive. Let's hope things are going to go well for this second download attempt. I want this to be a fun night/morning! By the way, caffeine consumption will not be allowed during this challenge so the games themselves will have to keep me awake and motivated!

Update Note: 04/14/2010 - You can read about the result here.

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