Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening Limited Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

I am a big fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series since the first time it arrived on U.S. shores because it is really fun to see the origin of the clever trading card game and most importantly, it is engrossing to watch the highly stylized and imaginative duels found within. I don't collect the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards myself. I only did a little bit of Magic: The Gathering and the only trading cards I do seriously collect are the ones for The Eye of Judgment for the PlayStation 3. All of the Yu-Gi-Oh! games that I purchased came with 3 Limited Edition Cards. I have always felt that I should just keep them sealed so I have never had physical skin contact with them before. Today, I have decided to open and touch all of them. I will never sell anything from my Game Library so I don't see any reason to keep them sealed anymore. Not that they are worth that much anyway but that is beside the point. Life is too short to worry about silly things and I really like the idea that I get to "experience" these special cards now while I am still alive. Interestingly, it looks like I already opened the sealed trio from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses. If I remember correctly, I must have done so while I was writing the Random Game of the Day article involving that game earlier this month.

The mostly sealed cards and their respective games.

Awww... Not enough for a deck. They are real pretty.

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