Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Nintendo Wii Back on Its Feet

I think that I have been so unfair to the Nintendo Wii ever since I moved into my new home last October. You see, I have placed the Wii on my entertainment center using its horizontal orientation next to my PlayStation 3. I am not sure why I did it in the first place. My gut feeling is telling me that this probably happened because I wanted to get my game room done as quickly as possible and it was just very convenient to just place the Wii there without much thought. Those who own the Wii knows that the console look incredibly hideous when its laying on its side - definitely a contender for the worse looking console ever in that passive position.

My Wii looking so limp and lifeless.

I am happy to announce that earlier this evening, I have given the Wii its dignity back. I have removed it from its lazy, rectangular sleep next to the majestic PlayStation 3 and from being slightly hidden underneath my LCD screen. I have placed the Wii on top of my Personal Computer where the color white and gray blend together harmoniously. Wii, I am sorry for the misery and pain I have placed upon you. I promise that I will not take you for granted anymore. I think this change should have happened sooner, especially after seeing just how nice the X-Box 360 Elite and the PS3 look standing on each side of the LCD screen without the sudden white block ruining the well-accomplished, classy color scheme.

An erect Wii looks sexy... Wait!

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