Friday, April 23, 2010

260 What?

A new game just arrived on Steam called Booster Trooper. It is a third person multiplayer shooter played on a classic 2D plane and the trailer looks mediocre at best. But here's something about the game is just unprecedented to say the least though that is not necessarily a good thing:

Is that really necessary?

That's right achievement whores and trophy sluts, this game has 260 individual Steam Achievements, which I found to be rather strange because it is obvious that this game is trying to entice potential customers using its incredible number of achievements but there is hardly any achievement whoring done on Steam because of its sublimely ingenius system of rewarding unlocked achievements. I bet if a game is released with this many achievements (or increased points over the usual 1000) on the X-Box 360 or this many trophies for the PlayStation 3, that particular game would be guaranteed to sell by the millions on day one.

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