Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Maya Intervention

Looking at my Daily Game Log history, it looks like the last time I exercised was in August of 2008. I don't go to the gym or anything, I just stayed home to do my workout thanks to the incredible Yourself!Fitness for the X-Box. Though I have made mention of returning to the healthy routine back in November of the same year, I never did. So I was sitting down on my futon today and noticed that there's a bulge on my tummy - oh no! My significant other caught it too as I was laying down on the couch while watching television.

Place your hand on your stomach. Next, move it in a circular motion...

So I have decided to get back into Yourself!Fitness again... Well, starting tomorrow anyway! I have used it twice in the past and it worked both times. This time around, I want to continue using it indefinitely since it is good to exercise regularly now that I am getting older: I noticed how I get aches and pain more frequently now than I did in years past. Here's to a "thinner" and more importantly, healthier Loner Gamer! I want to keep gaming for as long as I can!

Maya is going to whip me back into shape!

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