Sunday, April 11, 2010

ESPGaluda II on iPhone? Absurd!

Cave have actually released an iPhone port of ESPGaluda II! To think that they have considered forever abandoning the North American market and then all of a sudden, they would do something like this! The galaxy is truly coming to an end. Well, actually, this is quite an intriguing news for me and it is more so because this release is a really good port of the game. It doesn't have the crisp, HD-enhanced graphics of the X-Box 360 version but from what I can see from the official gameplay video included below, it's a great way to play the game - for a very cheap price too - for those who don't believe in owning a game console. This iPhone iteration is also lacking in play options though its exclusive "Awakening Pulse" mode makes me a bit jealous - heck, bullet cancel and score multiplier without putting my character in danger? Who doesn't want that right?

Don't have enough cash to get the X-Box 360 version? Now you don't
have an excuse anymore not to own this game... That is if you have an iPhone.

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