Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Tale of Two Classic Controllers

The arrival of the Wii Classic Controller Pro today that came bundled with my copy of Monster Hunter Tri is truly one of the best things that could happen to the Nintendo Wii. Though there is always the option to use the Nintendo GameCube controller with the console, doing so just feels a bit awkward because the controller needs to be connected straight into the Wii itself. In an era where game controllers are mostly wireless, I prefer to do so with my Wii and that was why I picked up the original Classic Controller when it first came out.

Once again, two controllers, one local player.

The original Classic Controller is definitely convenient to use but due to its small girth and thinness, it is one of the most uncomfortable controllers on the market. Sometimes, I had to abandon playing the Virtual Console games using the Classic Controller altogether and used my Wii-mote instead because of how how weird the controller felt in my hands. The sideways Wii-mote doesn't fare so well either. Now that the Classic Controller Pro is here, I can say goodbye to the aforementioned controller frustrations. The hand grips on both sides of the Pro feels just right and suddenly, I feel encouraged to just turn on my Wii and play my Virtual Console games. The Pro is as weightless as the original even with its bulkier build. I am disappointed to learn however that the Pro still doesn't have force feedback support so it still cannot fully replace the GameCube controller with games that provides controller vibration. I am also disappointed that I didn't have the audacity to just buy the white Pro separately even though that would be more expensive than buying the black one that is bundled with Monster Hunter Tri because now I am stuck with this:

Oops. I guess I didn't plan that out so well...

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