Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Game Alert: A Sega Comeback Edition!

2010 seems to be a good year for Sega. Bayonetta was average for sure but Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is such a company redeemer. Today's release of After Burner Climax on the X-Box Live Marketplace makes me want to love the Sonic-killing company again! Climax is an arcade port - it was originally released in 2006 - with extras added exclusively for this version. It's a pure arcade shooter and it truly redefines the original game by leaps and bounds. The PlayStation 3 version will be released tomorrow on the PSN Store. I would have purchased the PS3 version but it is very apparent now - as if the Bayonetta disaster wasn't telling enough - that Sega likes to play that preferential treatment game: The 360 version contains a couple of unlockable avatar items! One of the items is a gold helmet - I can't wait to have my avatar wearing that silly-looking thing.

Oh my gakaxy... I haven't played a good rail shooter in a long while!

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