Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Culdcept to Yu-Gi-Oh!

The life of a Culdcept Saga Cepter is not all fun and games, especially for one who has troubles finding people to duel with. I refuse to get into the competitive side of the game where the game's organized communities are flourishing in because all I really want is just to have casual fun with the game - no restriction, no raging, no elitism, and please... no schedules. Thankfully, one of my friends is now a new owner of Culdcept Saga. I have already given up trying to convince people to try out the game these days but during a conversation, he had told me that he likes Monopoly - a positive Culdcept trigger - and after I explained the game to him, he had secretly placed an order for it! He made a surprise announcement that he received the game today, which really made me happy, but he didn't have time to play it yet so we planned for our dueling debut sometime next week. Not sure if he would be as crazy about the game as I am but it's nice to have a glimmer of hope when none could be found before.

My recently renewed passion for Culdcept Saga has made it very hard for me to play other games. So, revisiting it has good and bad side effects apparently. It's frustrating to go back and play against the computer because they become too predictable for me. Due to this, I have made a commitment on Friday to myself to stay away from Culdcept for a while because of how it is "zombifying" me. I decided to get back into playing Yu-Gi-Oh! video games: I have so many of them but of course I want to replay the ones that use the original trading card game battle mechanics. It is not surprising to discover that I have never played much of the more recent YGO games in my Game Library: Yu-Gi-Oh! DX Tag Force for the PlayStation Portable and Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour for the Nintendo DS. I started off with playing the latter but it was apparent that the former was the superior game - not to mention it has more cards in it. The card battling fun that I was able to get from Tag Force is indeed effective in curbing my appetite for playing more Culdcept. I think if the friend I mentioned previously did not end up a committed Cepter after we play the game together, I now have a very comfortable place to fall back on and that has made me a much happier person.

My Yu-Gi-Oh! family is happy to take me in again.

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