Friday, April 23, 2010

New Games Alert: Double the Zombies Edition!

I didn't really like Left 4 Dead when I first tried the demo on the X-Box 360. The one thing that disappointed me the most is the game's restrictive first person perspective and the fact that it's a bit too manic. When I saw this video on YouTube, my perception of the game changed. The game looks like it could be fun with the right people playing with you. Then came another dilemma: I have a couple of good people playing both the first and the second Left 4 Dead on the X-Box 360 and none on the Personal Computer. At the end of the day though, the PC version wins because of the creative mods available for it, the better graphics, and the free contents: even The Passing that was just released yesterday is free to download on the PC. It helps that the games are now bundled together at a nice discounted rate on Steam and I just learn that one of my Steam friends have just purchased the game today! It's a 4-player game so it will be interesting if the A.I. would be sufficient companions for the two of us. I have a feeling that we would have to venture out and find two other non-zombies with us to have full-blast fun with the game. Maybe I should invite that gift-giving person to join in on the fun?

This particular "Passing" is truly a cause for celebration!

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