Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now with 30% Less Chance of Blindness

If you have read my recent review of Beat Hazard, you know that I love the game a lot but then you probably remember the reference I made about "epilepsy" when I inducted the game into my Game Library. The game's usage of violent strobe effects is just insane and playing the game for extended period of time can be a blinding experience. I wouldn't be the one to complain about it since the game, as much as it can be an eyestrain after a long day, is beautiful to look at but apparently there are enough concerns out there in regards to the game's visual feedback overkill that prompted Cold Beam Games to release a patch today that include an option to reduce the game's visual intensity by 30%. The game is definitely easier to stare at for a longer period of time now. After using this option though, I found myself missing the super intense eye bleeding moment that the full blast, uncensored experience can provide so I increased the option back to 100%. I will definitely have to use the reduction option after I play the game continuously for more than an hour.

But what's the fun in that right?

With Beat Hazard being such an addictive experience, I have been busy ripping music CDs left and right into my hard drive. It would be great if the game can retrieve music straight from the CDs - this advantage belongs to Audiosurf. The developer is actively working on future improvement for the game, like iTunes support and local co-op play so this limitation may also be addressed in the future.

This game is tempting me to rip my entire CD library into my Personal Computer.

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