Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Culdcept's Gender Crisis Continues

So, you are a woman who sounds like a guy. Everywhere you go, it doesn't matter who it is that you interact with, everyone seems to have mistaken you for a guy because of your voice, even though you have a woman's face. When you wear a Cepter armor, all of a sudden, you become rather flat-chested, making it more difficult for people to realize that you are a woman. So, you meet this girl who seems to be interested in you. You are a slave being sold to a Cepter gladiator arena and she is lending you her magic cards so that you can win your way to freedom. One day, in the dark, wet dungeon where you are being held captive, she comes to visit you. She explains to you that you are the man in her dreams, the person who will change the world... At this point in your life, you realize that there is probably nothing you can do to convince people that you are a girl, but you convince yourself to keep trying... Thus:

But isn't it better to be a golden boy instead of being one of the golden girls?

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