Monday, April 19, 2010

New Game Alert: Hello Epilepsy Edition!

Beat Hazard was first made available on the X-Box 360 as an indie release and I really liked the demo when I tried it out last year. It's basically a clone of Every Extend Extra Extreme: both of them are music games that play like a shooter and both will hurt your eyes if played for an extended period of time. Beat Hazard comes with a selection of music track but the beauty here is that you can use your own music collection to play the game with. Beat Hazard has now been released as a digital download for the Personal Computer and even at its current discounted price on Steam, the game is still $2.49 more expensive that the console version. I decided to get the PC version of the game because compared to the 360, it's more convenient to access my music collection from my PC hard drive and it would also be easier to add more tracks to it as well. The addition of online leaderboards definitely make this superior than the console version.

Beat Hazard is like the shmup version of the classic Audiosurf.

A rare moment when the screen stops flashing crazy colors for half a second.

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