Sunday, April 18, 2010

Culdcept Saga: The Voice of Innocence

I have been back on Culdcept Saga recently because a friend of mine had a renewed interest in the game. Though we don't play as frequently as we should (at least, from my side of things: I am a true Culdcept addict), my return to the world of card battling has resulted in me doing a lot more experimentation with my custom decks. I have already received all of the available cards in the game - that's nearly 500 unique cards - but since you can bring 4 of the same card with you in your deck, I am still hunting quite a number of them to improve upon my current strategies as well as creating new ones.

In between playing online matches with my friend, I would play the past stages of the story mode. Today, I decided to play a brand new story mode using my current card collection just to see if I could skip over the storyline because I have completed the game before. I was surprised to see that replaying the game from the beginning allows you to choose a number of different creature skins including the ability to play the game as a female human character. I decided to choose the latter. I was curious to see if the story would change because in the game, there is a love story element between the main character and one of the female cast. Once I was in the game, it was hilarious to discover that the original male voice was still used for my new female character! To hear my girly girl character talks like a dude - well, he has that typical innocent anime guy voice - is just totally bizarre and I am loving every second of the atrocity that was being committed on my television screen. This actually makes me want to get to the end of the game with my new character because those romantic scenes will become very interesting indeed because of this! Though in actuality the mismatched voice is the result of a bit of laziness in the part of the developer, this must be one of the best "Game+" option in a video game ever!

It is a really confusing world, isn't it?

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