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Game Library

I used to have a comprehensive list of all the video games I have in my possession here but I have decided to take a different approach to things. I will now only list general numbers and also the platforms I do have access to. If you are looking for a particular title or curious about my Game Library, feel free to comment on the page.

TOTAL: 4745

Game Boy Advance: 106
IOS: 89
Nintendo DS: 137
Nintendo 3DS: 46
Nintendo 64: 23
Nintendo GameCube: 116
Nintendo Wii: 141
Personal Computer: 2333
PlayStation: 94
PlayStation 2: 468
PlayStation 3: 267
PlayStation 4: 46
PlayStation Portable: 107
PlayStation Vita: 26
Sega CD: 8
Sega Dreamcast: 116
Sega Genesis: 31
SegaSaturn: 94
Super Nintendo: 9
X-Box: 218
X-Box 360: 231
Wii U: 39

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