Friday, April 16, 2010

Nintendo Posters Up!

I have finally posted up the Mario posters I recently received from Club Nintendo on the walls of my Game Room. It's challenging to work with these posters because they are too pretty to work with. They belong in a large picture frame but double sided tapes will do for now. Since I have never shown where I have posted the Zelda posters from last year, I have included them in the pictures below.

Mario is going to show you a good time in there.

The prominently Nintendo corner.

The Elite has recently enrolled in the Zelda 101 class.

I hope this will discourage further fraternization between the plant and Vault Boy...

Sailing the high seas and the high ceiling.


Dan said...

Nice posters LG, but I want to see more of The Plant! :)

Loner Gamer said...

The Plant is just a bit shy right now. I am going to get it more acclimated to its new environment before I can have more camera time with it.