Friday, April 30, 2010

Forming a Good Habit Takes Time

So, I was supposed to start my Yourself!Fitness routine today: I had planned for an evening session - around 5:30pm to 6:00pm - and now, it's close to 10pm and I still haven't done squat (no pun intended). I know I am just making excuses but my game room at this moment is still a bit of a mess. I need to get a bunch of things off the carpet before I can exercise in this room. I normally keep the room pretty neat and organized but every now and then, it gets to look like this:

These were supposed to be put away...
Notice how Maya is giving me the evil stare in the background.

One thing I have learned from the past with my success with Yourself!Fitness is that it will always be hard to make the daily session a habit. During the two intervals of time that I have used the program in the past, I had a tough time "showing up" to my "appointments" and I would skip them quite frequently during the first several weeks. It's probably going to be the case this time around but that will only result in my total adherence to the workout routine. I am however, a bit disappointment in myself. I want to do better tomorrow!

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