Friday, April 2, 2010

3 New & Delicious Nintendo Rewards!

Nintendo just added 3 awesome new rewards for Club Nintendo members so it's time for you to sit your butt down and complete all of those Post Play surveys just so that you can get enough coins to purchase them all! My favorite out of the three is the Mario 3-Poster Series that follows the design mentality of Nintendo's previous poster offering featuring The Legend of Zelda. I hope to see more of these kind of posters in the future! There is also Game & Watch Collection 2 for the Nintendo DS which include Octopus and Parachute plus a new game featuring a concoction of both of those games! Less exciting is Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!, a Wii mini game where you have to remove steaks off the grill onto the plates using gesture based controls. It looks a bit silly but it could be fun and it costs only 80 coins! One thing for sure though, Nintendo did a great job on the little commercial for the game that can be seen on the game's official website. I am glad that I held off from ordering something the last time I was on the Club Nintendo site. Thank you Nintendo for the cool new rewards!

Achievement scores and Trophy counts should be used as reward currency!

Offbeat humor at its best.

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