Friday, April 30, 2010

New Games Alert: Out of Keys Edition!

Steam is selling Codemasters' racing games at low prices for their weekend special and I took this opportunity to induct Grid and Fuel into my Game Library. Grid has been on my Purchase List since sometime in 2008 and it's nice to be able to finally get the game. I have heard mostly negative things about Fuel - it's a racing game that features an open-world design - but I can see myself enjoying it because of its focus on exploration and travel. I normally oppose the open-world design in games across genres when it makes playing those games a chore but it seems like Fuel promotes mindless, casual driving within its vast environment and that could into something fun.

I am still loving Steam's new look.

I played Grid for a bit earlier and it is interesting to see that it doesn't look as great as I remember it back in 2008. Dirt 2 has spoiled everything it seems. I couldn't try out Fuel yet because Steam ran out of Microsoft's Game for Windows Live keys to unlock the game. I don't think the problem was that too many people bought the game today. I think somebody just messed up and didn't check how many keys were left before this sale started. Hopefully, I'll be able to get into the game soon - like tonight perhaps?

That's actually quite embarrassing. We should really be compensated for this.

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