Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heroes of Newerth: A Hint of Politeness

I logged on to the Heroes of Newerth open beta client today because I was informed that the game has been recently updated. A new hero has been added into the game - an ugly looking chipmunk by the name of "The Chipper":

I think he is a descendant of that squirrel guy in the Ice Age movies.

A pop-up message in the game explained that the next upcoming heroes will all be based on the community suggestions - the result of that should be very interesting. Unfortunately, the update did not include a "versus A.I." option so those who are just absolutely troubled by the game's nasty community will have to wait longer to get into the game again. While I was loading up a "Practice" game by myself to check out the new hero - what's so difficult in actually allowing us to do a practice game against the bots anyway? - I was surprised to see the following:

Oh yeah, that's really going to help all right.

Well, I shouldn't be too pessimistic because at least S2 Games is trying to influence the game's community to be more polite and respectful to each other. I doubt that the jerks that this message was created for are going to heed to these words though. I mean, how can they be nice when their valuable lives - I mean - stats are at stake?

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