Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Game Alert: Speedy Club Nintendo Edition!

My Game & Watch Collection 2 that I ordered from Club Nintendo arrived today - the Mario 3-Poster Series should not be far behind. This collection includes Parachute where you have to line up your boat so that your parachuting buddies will not be shark food, Octopus where you have to avoid nasty tentacles from touching you while you are trying to get to a treasure chest under the sea, and a clever combination of both where you are saving people on the boat at the top of the DS screen and getting treasures from the sea at the boom of the DS screen.I used to own Parachute a long time ago so playing this brings back a lot of good memories for me. These games won't hold people's attention for long anymore but I think Nintendo knows that, which is why they are being made available exclusively as a reward for Club Nintendo members: They serve more as a curiosity than anything else.

Please be more generous next time and include more games in the collection.

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