Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Close Gamer Friends: Stranger Frustrations

I have been thinking a lot about finding a local video gaming buddy or two. I have a few good online friends but a number of personal revelations about my own life recently have really made me feel lonely in the simplest sense than the existential definition of it that I wrote on the description of why I call myself "Loner Gamer". Online friends are cool - and I thought that I found one really great friend at one point before everything turned sour all of a sudden - but sometimes, you just want to have someone whom you can interact with in the same room. If I had the choice, I would have liked to be in a romantic relationship with someone who could appreciate video games as much as I do. Romance and video games sometimes just don't mix and at this point in my life, I don't have any immediate need to find someone new to love.

I always ensure that I own an extra controller but I always ended up playing alone.

Finding local people to play games with may not seem to be that difficult of a task to accomplish but here is my dilemma: I have too many video games and there were times in the past when that fact had been taken advantage of by others. This in turn had made me cautious about people in general when it comes to my video games. Outside of my Loner Gamer persona, I share my video gaming life only with a small number of individuals and you can count them with one hand. So for me to open up my video game collection to someone locally, that person must also be pretty well-stocked with games so that the "relationship" would be of equal footing. I have made a number of attempts recently via "friendship" postings on the Internet advertising my need for some video gaming companionship - galaxy, that sounded pretty desperate - and the results have been quite undesirable. I guess the local gaming scene in my area consists of gamers who only play sports games seasonally, gamers who only own one console and a couple of games, and "gamers" who don't own any games but want to find people who own the games that they want to play. My significant other gave me the suggestion that I should just pretend to be a casual gamer and I should turn our living room into a "staged" game room whenever I have these individuals over to play some games. That way, I would be giving off the impression that I only own a console or two with a couple of games on the side. It's a really clever solution but it defeats the original purpose of why I would even want to find a local gaming buddy. I want to be able bask in the glory of gaming openly with these close gamer friends and not reduce myself into someone I am not. It will also be pretty irritating to move my consoles around because everything should stay in my Game Room where they belong. I think I know what my problem is: I long too much for things that I don't have when I should just enjoy the things that are already in my life right now. Life in this world is too short: we always have to constantly evaluate what makes this life worth living and brush aside things that we could live without. I just wish that I was less stubborn of a person because I wouldn't even be writing about this if I was.

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Blake said...

I have 2 friends with whom I play with on a regular basis. Once on Thursday nights and the other, well when ever time allows.

But we usually pick a game(co-op sometimes) and play it all the way through, which will usually take 2-3 play sessions to complete a game. Which averages out to 3 days in 3 weeks to complete Gears of War 2 for example.

The other friend we usually pick a old game and play that to completion. The last game we played was Super Mario 2 on the SNES.

Some of my more enjoyable moments have been playing with friends. Passing the controller back and fourth trying to beat Ghost N Goblins is a blast.

But to find good gaming friends is hard. I've tried numerous times to play with others. But talking with them about, what do you want to play and get the response, "uumm, I don't care" and then playing the game with has much enthusiasm has picking your nose, doesn't lend itself to enjoyable play sessions.

Finding the right person to play video games with is trial and error. You have a play session and you see how it goes.

Some people look at games has childish, others has a group past time with beers, others get angry if you keep dieing all the time. Point being, both should be laughing and having a good time with the game.

I found my two gamer friends from work. Just getting to know them and their interest.Hope you find a gamer friend of your own:)