Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kratos and Real Life Just Don't Mix

Remember that ugly ModNation Racer Kratos? Well, I found a much more disturbing version of Kratos, courtesy of user Wip3ou7 on YouTube. Random YouTube browsing can be so hazardous to one's health, especially with a finding like this.

Oh Kratos... I told you to stay away from those McDonald's Big & Tasty burgers.
And it looks like Gaia forgot to remind you to shave those bulging pecks this morning?

I just finished eating some raspberry sandwiches when I stumbled upon this image. I almost deposited all my stomach content all over my lap - the gastric juices went up as far as the back of my throat before it went back down to brew and boil. My stomach is still hurting and I am feeling nauseous as I am writing this. This image will forever haunt me whenever I think of Kratos and the God of War series. I know that everyone wants to be Kratos if they could since Kratos is such a manly man who can kill anyone he wants without immediate ramifications and I am sure everyone wants to experience real Kratos sex instead of just fiddling with the joystick while Kratos is in on the action but... when the result is this devastating... urgh! What an ungodly sight.

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