Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deathsmiles Limited Edition!

The official announcement that happened earlier in January about Deathsmiles' upcoming domestic release in the U.S. was exciting enough but now there's even more reasons to celebrate this bullet-hell shoot-'em-up's eventual arrival: During its first print run, Deathsmiles will be sold with a Limited Edition packaging that mimics Cave's treatments of special edition releases in Japan! The game will include a custom faceplate that would just look exquisite on the X-Box 360 Elite - and since my Elite hasn't seen much action since it was repaired, I may have to do a license transfer today so that I can have the Elite back up in my Game Room - as well as a soundtrack CD. The goodness doesn't stop there: This Limited Edition release will only cost $49.99! That's even less than half the price that others have paid for the region-locked Japanese release! Thank you again Aksys Games! The game will be released on June 29th of this year!

In this case at least, death can't come any sooner!

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