Friday, April 9, 2010

Club Nintendo Mario Posters

My Mario 3-Poster Series from Club Nintendo is here! They arrived in the a sexy cardboard tube like the Zelda posters I received last year. These posters are truly cool and colorful. They are simpler in design than the Zelda posters: Nintendo should have included a Super Mario Galaxy poster or even better, a Galaxy 2 poster! I mean, the Zelda 3-Poster Series include 2 entry-specific prints: Phantom Hourglass and Twilight Princess. The wall space in my Game Room is getting a bit crowded now - I will have to post an update on how the room looks now thought not the alterations are not that significant - so it's going to be a bit challenging to find the right spots to put these posters up since the central point has pretty much been filled up.

Both ends of the tube should have been stuffed with cottons to prevent crumpling.

I think I will buy fancy picture frames for these posters eventually.

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