Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PS3 Game Cases: A Spine-Tingling Tale

I was re-organizing my PlayStation 3 game cases today when I was reminded of the ugly banner redesign for the newer cases after the release of the Slim model of the console. Now, the spines of the cases look horribly mismatched. It was a ridiculously idiotic decision to change the banner design during the lifetime of a console, well at least to those who are obsessive compulsive like me. Realistically though, I don't think the change brought about anything positive to the brand name and if anything, it only brought the inconsistency on people's display racks. I suppose I can stack the newer cases together but doing that will ruin the alphabetical continuity of my arrangements. I am really wishing that the download-only distribution for games will arrive soon so that I don't have be bothered by these things anymore.

Thanks for the headache, Sony. Thanks a lot!

The beauty of consistency. The PS3 game cases deserve this too.

Well, at least it doesn't look as bad as the Personal Computer game cases.


vgman said...

As a fellow OCD game collector, I have an idea... how about we organize our PS3 collections by release date!

That way all the new logo games will be together in harmony at the second half of the collection.

It will also create somewhat of a historical timeline when viewing the collection this way =)


Loner Gamer said...

That could work - I love the thought and logic behind it.

overscan68000 said...

This really frustrates me, too. Why ruin the consistency? They obviously set a standard for the cases, hence the consistent red flag on early cases, so why ruin this by changing the design for games later in the generation?

I do prefer the new ps3 case design, but I'd rather have consistency than change. At least he xbox redesign leaves the side banner alone, other than the logo, which is is minor compared to this PS3 abomination.

Loner Gamer said...

Sony makes the oddest decisions. From this banner blunder to letting Mark Cerny designed the PlayStation 4, you never know what silly things they will think of next.

I didn't even realize that there was a case redesign for the X-Box 360 and that should tell you how seamless the transition was. When I saw your comment, overscan68000, I went to look at my 360 games and I finally noticed the color swap they did on the "X-Globe".

overscan68000 said...

There is actually 3 redesigns, with the last occurring just recently., can't lay my hands on a picture right now. I think the battlefield 4 case has it. The classics range has also had a redesign. They used to have a green spine banner, now it is grey and longer then then standard banner.

The platinum and classics cases always annoy me, because they always stand out the most visually, especially platinum with the ugly silver case.

vgman said...

I now just have all of my old red spine games in alphabetical order first, followed by the newer spines after on the shelf. It's kind of neat because the old spine games make up one shelf and the newer spine games make up the bottom two shelves.