Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Game Alert: It's Not Really Final Edition!

I received my copy of Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 today and have played around an hour of the game. The opening narrative is a bit underwhelming in that Final Fantasy XII kind of way: In other words, other than one emotional scene, everything feels a bit detached. Things are sure to pick up, at least I would hope so, but one thing I must say is that the character models outside of the full motion videos are quite amazing. I am still disappointed with the hair though: they don't look as nice as they did in the promotional "in-game" screenshots. If FFXIII was exclusive to the PS3, it would have been a definitely system seller but perhaps God of War III will be up for that task next week.

Lightning seems to be a pretty cool character so far.

Meanwhile on Microsoft land, FFXIII is enjoying the spotlight.
I really recommend getting that PS3 that you have been wanting for a
while and play this game there. Do not play the inferior X-Box 360 port.

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