Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleeping Off Error 8001050F

The last time I played my PlayStation 3 was sometime in the late afternoon yesterday and it looks like I missed out on the whole "Error 8001050F" that none-slim PS3 owners were experiencing earlier today. An internal clock glitch had disabled older PS3s from starting up games and connecting to the PSN network. Sony had advised those affected to wait for a fix and not play the console until then. This explains why the PSN network was so buggy yesterday as it kept kicking me off the network every half an hour while I was on the console. A number of game sites reported that the problem has been rectified so when I turned on my PS3 just a couple of minutes ago, everything is in tip top shape. There are reports that some users may experience trophy corruptions if they unlocked any trophies while this problem was occuring so I checked my Heavy Rain trophy list and the trophies I have unlocked yesterday are still there. This is not as severe as the X-Box 360's red rings of death but it's almost as catastrophic. I imagine that things may have been rather frustrating for a little while for those who choose to only game on the PS3.

This is sure to be the most talked about PS3 event of the year!
I am glad that I missed out on it though.

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