Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Games Alert!

I have added three more titles to my Game Library today. First, Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations for the Nintendo DS. I love the courtroom drama of the Ace Attorney series and it would be interesting to see if this game is going to be as good as the previous entries because it's more focused on crime scene investigations versus the courtroom battles. Miles Edgeworth is not my favorite character in the series - Detective Gunshoe always gets my vote - but I am sure he will do a fine job as the main character in this game.

I also picked up Brutal Legend for PlayStation 3. I enjoyed the game's demo and its beautiful art style. I am not into heavy metal at all and I always find Jack Black extremely annoying but those things don't deter me from the interesting premise of the game. Lastly, I finally picked up Deadly Premonition for the X-Box 360. This budget title retails at $19.99 and it's supposed to be a weird combination of Shenmue + Silent Hill of sorts. I had a discussion about the game with my friend in Japan last week who told me that the Japanese version, entitled Red Seeds Profile, was released at the regular full retail price (around US$70) there. He said it's a popular game and he was surprised that the game is priced at such a low price here. I owe him an impression of the game to help him determine if the game is worth paying for at the regular retail price in Japan.

Update Note: My friend just picked up Deadly Premonition today as well! It's such a special game that no one is able to resist the urge to get it!

No, this doesn't mean that Final Fantasy XIII is no longer holding my attention.
Is that Gumshoe on the cover of Ace Attorney Investigations? Right on!

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