Thursday, March 11, 2010

The L.G. Likes PlayStation Move

Yesterday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony revealed their new motion controller for the PlayStation 3, now officially named Wii-mote Version 2, I mean the PlayStation Move. The controller still retains the basic phallic look from last year's E3 but with all the buttons in place, it's easy to see where the inspiration for this controller originates from. The tech behind it is definitely more solid that what Nintendo has already made available to consumers all these years. The most attractive part of the new controller for me is the PlayStation Eye camera integration - I really like how the controller can transform into many different things on screen with you moving it around in your hand. Using a camera to track the controller's movement should yield more accuracy as well versus the infrared implementation for the Wii-mote. This new device, of course, should never ever replace the conventional DualShock 3 controller even though it may work really well with first person shooters, with character movements accomplished via the "sub-controller" and the aiming done via the dildo - I mean - the PS Move. I am definitely more excited about the PS Move than Microsoft's "Natal" and its "whole-body as controller" setup that almost guarantees extreme body pain and injury in the first couple of weeks of its release. I think that it is preferable to actually hold something physical in your hand because it is just a bit more realistic to do so. Let's just hope that these ventures into motion-based gaming controls will not lead to the video gaming apocalypse known as "The Era of Casual Gamer Dominance".

It comes with a wrist-strap... Oh my. I smell a lawsuit coming.

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