Sunday, March 14, 2010

Titan Quest's Amazing Community

I reinstalled Titan Quest on my Personal Computer today and I hope to continue playing the game again soon with a friend of mine. I checked the multi-player server and saw that there are still a lot of people playing this game online and they are not just high level players seeking for the best drops, there are many low level players as well. I can't really determined if they are just new to the game - you can buy the game + the Immortal Throne expansionfor $19.99 or less these days - or experienced players making new characters to level up. For a game that was originally released in 2006, it's an amazing feat and Titan Quest's staying power is indicative of it the best Diablo-clone in the market. With Diablo III still in the works with no sign of its definite arrival in sight, Titan Quest's community will probably be busy and engaged for a little whole longer.

Not a lot of online multiplayer game can remain this active for this long.

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