Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Platinum for Fiscal 2010

I went to the Club Nintendo website today and completed quite a number of their post-game surveys as well as some bonus questionnaires and those activities elevated my Gold status into Platinum! There are some new folder sets available in the reward section but they are definitely not my thing. I have 1000 coins to spend and though I am seriously thinking about the Hanafuda Cards, I decided to wait a bit longer to see what other expensive goodies Nintendo may have in store for club members in the near future. They are pretty slow at it though. I am looking forward to the Platinum reward for this fiscal year. I got a Mario Hat for my Platinum reward last year. I sincerely hope that this time they will give all the Platinum members what the Gold members are getting in addition to the exclusive Platinum reward.

I got the bling but I got nothing to show for it... yet!

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