Friday, March 5, 2010

GFWL and the Galuda

After the hot Batman: Arkham Asylum for the Personal Computer on the Games for Windows Live sale last week, I was really really looking forward to what Microsoft had planned for this weekend - there are 3 more special deals coming up for the remainder of this month. It was really hoping it to be Dirt 2 but alas the honor was given to Street Fighter IV.

No... No one wants to buy Street Fighter IV
since everyone know that Super is lurking just around the corner.

Oh well, at least I'm too busy playing the heck out of ESPGaluda II Black Label on the X-Box 360 at the moment. ESPGII is definitely much better than Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 but the complex scoring system is a headache to master! I haven't played a game this challenging in such a long while and at one point after playing it for many hours last night, I even got so frustrated that I had to quit playing for a bit to cool myself off. I am just such a perfectionist and I want to show this game who's boss.

Figuring out the scoring system is simple enough
but to master it? Now that is going to involve a lot of playtime.

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