Sunday, March 7, 2010

Heavy Rain: It Will Never Stop Raining

With the arrival of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (with Banjo Kazooie) and ESPGaluda II Black Label for the X-Box 360, I have pretty much abandoned playing Heavy Rain. I wouldn't have done so if not for the troublesome crashing issue that I have experienced playing the game. Before I stopped, the storyline was beginning to pick up and the sudden change of pace was quite thrilling. Today, I decided to play the game again and not even an hour into the game - more like 15 minutes or so - the game crashed on me again:

Actual picture of the crashed session, everything frozen in place.
Darn it! I can't even go to the bathroom? Come on!

There is no new patch for the game yet and when I visited the official PlayStation forum, there are still people others who are as unlucky as I am with Heavy Rain. This is extremely frustrating because the game is not bad at all. Someone has suggested deleting the mandatory game install and then reinstalling it but from many claimed that this particular fix is just a waste of time and it wouldn't solve the issue. I'll just spend my time playing other games for the a week or so and wait for the arrival of Heavy Rain's new patch - if it's coming at all because there doesn't seem to be any recent update in regards to the issue from Quantic Dream.

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