Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Readmission to Arkham Asylum

I started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum again this evening and though this Personal Computer version still uses the badly compressed full motion videos on certain scenes in the game, everything else graphically is quite a revelation. I clearly don't remember the game looking this glorious on the PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360. I am playing the game on Hard mode for this run-through and I am already disliking the cheap "increased hit damage" difference between this and the "Normal" mode: it's really a lazy way of creating a false sense of difficulty elevation, especially the fact that I haven't played the game in such a long time. I really do like not seeing the upcoming attack indicator on the enemies when performing counter moves though because it makes you pay a lot more attention to the enemies as you are fighting them.

The Killer Croc looks even more menacing in true 1080p.

Interestingly, this PC version comes with a benchmarking tool. My PC performed greatly with an average 58 frames per second with the game running at 1920 x 1080 and all the graphical settings set to maximum (anti-aliasing disabled). This game is definitely a graphical landmark for the consoles but the engine is hardly demanding if you have a decent gaming rig. It's funny to see that there is a huge gap in visual fidelity between the PC gaming world and the console gaming landscape: ever the more reason why gamers should invest on a gaming PC. Don't worry too much about the graphics card - though new ones are released frequently, getting a high-end graphics card will last you for quite some time. It's so easy to replay a game when it's this beautiful. Of course it really helps that the Arkham Asylum's gameplay is really incredible.

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