Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You'll Lose Your Poise Laughing

I have only written about something non-gaming related on this site once and it was such a long time ago. Well, I cannot help but share this random little ad-clicking adventure from late last night. I was chatting with a friend on my yahoo email when I saw a click-able ad on the top right hand corner of the screen. It featured pictures of a number of historical women and all of them looked like Whoopie Goldberg. I am not the type of guy who would click on random ads on the net but at first, I thought that these women were not really Whoopie and that the person who was responsible for the ad stole her face and photoshopped them onto the different characters... So I just had to click on the ad without even reading on what it said.

Curiosity kills the cat... Unless you have a sense of humor.

When I got to the uh... "1 in 3 Like Me" page, I found out that those characters were indeed played by Whoopie and after a bit of perusing, I was able to find out about the actual message of the site which is uh, not necessarily meant for men. Okay, I am sure that the condition specified on the page may be a serious issue for those who do experience it but - forgive me - I was just dying of laughter watching the vignettes of Whoopie transforming from one historical/mythical figure to the next and talking about "the spritz". If you are a guy and you have the courage to receive a knowledge that should otherwise be left unknown, feel free to visit the page. It may be a bit yucky but Whoopie's performance was truly... incredible despite the uncomfortable subject matter. If you are a woman, well, I think the product being advertised here may actually be something that you have been looking for if the statistics being played out to maximum effect here is really factual.

Oh my galaxy... Eve Whoopie is so freaking hilarious!

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