Friday, March 19, 2010

ModNation Racer: A Creepy Disposition

ModNation Racers is an enticing title because of its "Race.Create.Share!" mentality. It's easy to think of the game as the Mario Kart version of LittleBigPlanet and since both of these titles are extremely popular, ModNation Racers seems guaranteed to head towards a huge success when it is released for the PlayStation 3 on May 25th of this year. Now, the game is offering bonuses for those who pre-order it from select retailers and online stores.

What did you do to my iconic PS3 characters?

The first thing I did when I first saw the above ad before throwing up last night's dinner and this morning's breakfast all over my lap was said "Yucks". Though I find the game to be full of creative potentials, the character art-style in ModNation was never that endearing to me and the odd treatments they did on these characters are just preposterous! The dwarf Kratos looks extremely disturbing, the miniature Ratchet looks like a rejected blow-up doll, while that "X-Box 360 Avatar" fellow to the right doesn't even look remotely close to the PS3 celebrity he is supposed to look like: Nathan Drake! These characters are definitely the creepiest video-gaming image I have seen thus far this year... Yes, they even top the dildo-wand, I mean the PlayStation Move. To learn more about the pre-order bonus and re-regurgitate your stomach contents, feel free to visit the official ModNation Racer website.

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