Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heroes of Newerth: I Want My Single Player!

Heroes of Newerth... How you have been in beta for almost an eternity with no signs of a solid release date in sight. How you have captured the attention of close to two million people who have registered on your beta forum. How you have 40,000+ people playing the game online at any given time. How you keep reminding me to pay $30 to pre-order the game every time I log on to your website and your game client...

Just release the darn game already. I will buy it just for the local gameplay option!

$30 is not a lot of money for a full title these days and paying that kind of cash for HoN is a sound investment... that is if I was paying for the final public release. Why am I complaining about this when I have the ability to play the game for free? Well, I have mentioned in my previous HoN discourses that the game's online community is not the game's best aspect even though the game in itself is extremely addicting and fun. I think that it is time for S2 Games to unlock the ability for people to play against A.I. opponents. At this time, that option is not available and the only way you can gain a good experience playing the game is to jump into an online game and hope that you are lucky enough to not be teamed up with the typical arrogant jerks that flood the game's population. I understand that the reason why the player vs. A.I. mode is locked is so that people can really stress test the server by fighting against each other but S2 Games should at least allow players to team up with other online players to fight against computer controlled opponents. Also, instead of offering up silly things like a "unique chat name color" or the "ability to taunt in-game", why not offer the single player offline mode to those who pre-order the game? If they did, I know that I will be out of $30 immediately but before then, the abusive community is certainly not worth my money... nor my free time.

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