Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Friendlier Microsoft

After hearing about Microsoft's recent update to their Live service's Code of Conduct, I went to the official webpage to check out how this new guideline is specifically defined:

"Relationship orientation"? Wow, very classy and true:
People across gender preferences are not only looking for "sex", you know.

For those who haven't heard, basically Microsoft is now allowing a more expansive expression of identities for the players' gamertags and profile descriptions: You can now include references to race, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation. In the past, the only controversial news I have heard on the previous limitation was its impact on the gay community and how Microsoft was really cracking down on anything remotely close to alluding to homosexuality. I know that the second part of the previous statement is not true because I know a friend who specifically stated in his profile that he prefers the same sex but he never got suspended - perhaps Microsoft's "gaydar" wasn't fine-tuned to perfection. All I can say is that I am glad to see that Microsoft is taking a stance on this and getting rid of their homophobic appearance. We have enough people and countries out there that are so behind the times in regards to homosexuality: at least Microsoft is allowing those connected to the X-Box Live service to experience the freedom that we all deserve in this world.

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