Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it Nintendo 3DS or 3D-BS?

Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed that they have a new handheld system in the works that should be released sometime later this year or in early 2011. It's currently referred to as the "Nintendo 3DS" and it's going to feature 3D graphics without the need for 3D glasses. I am a big supporter of Nintendo but I think that they are just rushing out too many "new" handhelds one after the other. I mean, some people made the assumption that you have to keep upgrading components in Personal Computer gaming all the time to keep up with new games (which is untrue) but that negative fantasy pales in comparison to the factual frequency in which Nintendo upgrade their handheld gaming devices. The 3D innovation hopefully will not lead to more "casual" games and it shouldn't because it should only impact the presentation of the video images instead of altering the aesthetics of the gameplay. The eventual popularity of this device may lead to television manufacturers abandoning the bad designs of 3D-capable displays that mandate the use of 3D glasses: if 3D is to dominate the future of video displays, it has to happen without the crutch of the glasses. Still, I think that Nintendo's greed got ahead of them this time because this announcement and perhaps even the development of this 3D handheld came a bit too early. I am sure that I am not the only person interested in the upcoming Nintendo DSi XL and with the "3DS" having backwards compatibility with all the previous DS and DSi titles, there is absolutely no reason what so ever to invest in the XL.

Size isn't everything... When there is a new handheld waiting just around the corner!

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