Monday, March 1, 2010

Mega Man 10: Still a Bit Confused

The new Mega Man 10 is released on the Nintendo Wii today and this will be followed by releases on the PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360 later on this month. The game is sticking to its 8-bit retro design, just like what Capcom did to Mega Man 9. Many seem to be rejoiced by the decision to keep it retro. Well, I am not in that crowd at all. I always thought that it was lazy. They can make a new Mega Man with 2D gameplay but with pretty high definition 3D graphics - like the re-skinning they did on Street Fighter IV. And they have done so in a couple of Mega Man games on the PlayStation Portable. It's a really cheap way to make money I suppose and I am going to get the game eventually because good 2D games are hard to find. Sigh, if I want to see the graphical "wonders" of 8-bit gaming, I can revisit them in Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Have people actually forgotten that Mega Man 8 utilized beautiful 32-bit graphics? So this is not about consistency in the series continuity! I just don't understand Capcom anymore.

The Street Fighter series is getting recycled old content
while the Mega Man series is getting recycled old graphics.

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