Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scary Game Cover: Petz Rescues

Okay, we have all seen terrible cover arts for video game cases. They are pretty common and can happen to both big triple-A games as well as low-budget independent games. But to see a truly horrific one that can actually hurt you really deep inside and threaten to take away your sanity is rare. Whenever I find one, I will write about it on this site so that I would not be the only person who had to suffer from the madness of a Scary Game Cover!

This time around, we will witness the horror of a set of game covers for an entire game series! We all should always love mother nature. We are all born from the earth so there is definitely no shame involved when it comes to loving plant life or our animal kins... But how far should that love go? If you ask that question to those responsible for these Pet Rescue game covers, the answer is this: that love should go very, very far indeed.

The Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet for the new age.
You two better watch out: There's a voyeur dolphin nearby...

Careful there nurse. I think that Panda is looking for more than just a physical check.

Mr. Petz Rescue Ranger knows that the way to a Koala's heart is through his stomach.

Hey, weren't you with the Panda earlier?
Whoa there Mr. Elephant! I think you're getting the wrong idea...

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