Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back on Facebook

I used to have a Loner Gamer "group" page on Facebook probably about a year or so ago but with the way that I was mismanaging this site's contents, it became a bit overwhelming for me to oversee the creative flow on all fronts - I upload videos on YouTube as well. I have decided to open a new Loner Gamer Facebook page today since things have fallen into place for the site. Here's a little bit of a history lesson about yours truly: Before opening this website on Blogger, I used to have a MySpace Loner Gamer page that I maintained for about several months. The contents included a "daily" gaming analysis but in the form of analyzing new games that came out on a daily basis: It was a good way to "force" me into writing about something every day. I deleted that page soon after I started writing here and though I have saved some of the old articles in text format, I truly wish that I took some screenshots of that account so that I could see how much I have progressed since then. Writing has always been a joy for me and to combine that with video gaming - it's the perfect union.

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I like to write but sorry, I just don't like to tweet.

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