Monday, March 29, 2010

Heroes of Newerth: Open Beta!

For those who haven't been able to get a beta key for Heroes of Newerth, there's great news for you! The open beta will commence in two days! You can check out the details from the official site. This is not that exciting enough of a news for me though because the official release date for the game is up still in the air - let's just hope it's going to be soon after the open beta. S2 Games must have really deep pockets for them to be able to sustain this game's beta phase for this long... I still want my single player or versus A.I. mode, which of course will not be included with the upcoming open beta so that people have to play on the online server. I doubt that the open beta will lead to a more balanced and friendlier community because there are more Defence of the Ancients jerks out there who still haven't jumped on the game yet. Having the single player option in the final release - or eventually, finding like-minded people to play with - will make the rotten people that flood the community more tolerable because you don't have to be stuck playing with them whenever you want some HoN action. For those mature, responsible gamers out there who are going to jump on this open beta, I wish I could say something like "Get ready for the most addicting and intense game of your life!" because I am more obligated to warn you with the following: "Get ready to encounter THE rudest people you will ever meet in your whole entire life!"

Your portal to the world of a-holes -I mean- Newerth!

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