Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OnLive... Going Live!

OnLive has announced that it is going to start its revolutionary "video streaming-based" gaming subscription service starting June 17th of this year with a monthly subscription fee of $14.95. A pre-registration offer has been made available for those who just can't wait to sign up for the service and the first qualified 25,000 users will receive the first 3-months of the service free of charge. I have been beta testing the service for quite some time now and I have made a solid decision on whether or not I would be subscribing to OnLive: I am respectful to the agreement that I have made in regards to my participation in the beta testing of the service - I am thankful of being given the privilege to experience this new gaming innovation - so I will not discuss my impressions of the service at this time. I do hope that we will soon get more details on the state of ownership of games purchased via the service when one opts out of the monthly subscription: this is an important piece of information that should be revealed way ahead of launch.

Success or failure? We will know in about 3 months.

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